Is there a REAL cure for male pattern baldness yet?

Question by Jon W: Is there a REAL cure for male pattern baldness yet?
I’ve been doing some reaserach tonight after someone pointed out how im going bald. Pretty lame fact to point out by a friend!

Anyhow, I’ve read about the nioxin system, rogain, and other systems and reviews which people are still VERY skepticle of…

Any words of wisdom from you yahoo answer buffs??

PS I’m 26, Male, and bleached my hair a bunch when i was a teenager. I also use cheaper shampoo and conditioner.

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Answer by KRD
No cure for male pattern baldness.

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  1. Gangsta says:

    There’s been cures for this for years. But there isn’t money to be made in a cure, just something that can slow down or maintain your hair.

  2. Wazir says:


    Yet another field where medical science is not incentive-ised to come with a cure
    Doctors argue if it is caused by male or female hormones

    I don’t thnk the shampoo will make much difference.
    Doubt if bleach caused it.


  3. ? says:

    One of my friend had visited this site maybe it can help you also.

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