Have baught a makeup brush set.Do you love them too?

Question by Amili: Have baught a makeup brush set.Do you love them too?
I baught them from this website. That is lovely.


Do you have any vedio lesson? I want to have a natural makeup

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Answer by Lily
Yes. Lovely, I wan to buy one too. Do you have any coupon of them?

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  1. Lisa L says:

    yes, I love them . you can go to youtube.com for search makeuo lessson.

  2. Yibeila Y says:

    I love them. But I have buy a mac makeup brush set from envybrush.com

    I think It is no better than mine

  3. Amanda A says:

    Concealer is for under the eyes, it should be a shade or 2 litter so it covers up your under eye circles with out makeing them any darker. Foundation is for all over your face ot even it out. Hope this helped just keeping watching makeup vids on here and your be a pro in no time!!

    Look this one


  4. 7lwa says:

    no they look not good & u need more u should try MAC brushes they r haven

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