HAUL: MAC Warehouse Sale Haul March 2010 (Part 2)

Ask me a question: www.formspring.me Information Video: www.youtube.com Slicked Pink Lipgelee Pink Lemonade Lipglass Cherry Blossom Lipglass Eclectic Edge Marbelized Lipglass Looks Like Sin Cremesheen Glass Funshine Slimeshine Travel Size Fix + (2) Estee Lauder Gentle Eye Makeup Remover Charity Package 1 (Holiday 2009 Lip Set): Mini make-up bag Fantasia (lustre) Lipstick Cedar Lip Pencil Get Rich Quick Dazzleglass Charity Package 2: Hipster (frost) Lipstick Fly-By-Blu Pearlglide Eyeliner Notable (satin) Blush Glamour Check! (starflash) Eyeshadow Free Gift: Perfect Topping Mineralize Skin Finish Part 1: www.youtube.com
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  1. MsBeautiful0217 says:

    Nevermind…I see the location

  2. MsBeautiful0217 says:

    Where in the world are these sales held?!?! I have to go to one. There is so much I need to pick up. Please respond.

  3. nikkitikki19 says:

    @88QueenBee do you still want tickets for the next sale? I live in Toronto and can probably find you tickets pretty easily.

  4. 88QueenBee says:

    Oh thats fine. I’d do tha same thing haha. But thanx anyways. Can you do a tutoril on Fast, easy neutral make-up??

  5. xJOLE says:

    @88QueenBee, sorry but ive said numerous times that i wont purchase tickets for other people. i work hard to be able to find my own, so i’m not going to do the work for someone else. hope you understand.

  6. 88QueenBee says:

    I know you always say DONT ASK TO BUY MY TICKETS!! But..Im a Canadian who L>O>V>E>S Mac products and which are extremely hard to get my hands on. I’ve noticed you always attend these sales and my Boyfriend was wondering if you could sell us the next tickets you get for $200.00 for two tickets. PLEASE????? Get back at me if you can

  7. xJOLE says:

    @Lilee789 i read about it on some beauty blogs, then i researched about it

  8. Lilee789 says:

    Hi XJole i like in Toronto as well, how did you find out about this sale?

  9. xJOLE says:

    @thaoc86 it actually only happens in toronto.

  10. thaoc86 says:

    does the Mac Warehouse sale only happen in Texas?

  11. ashlovepr93 says:

    never mind i just watched your other video haha thankss

  12. ashlovepr93 says:

    wheres the MAC Warehouse at ?

  13. xJOLE says:

    @triplethreaaat, i’m from toronto, ontario. the sale occurs in markham.

  14. itsCHARLENEANN says:

    Hey, so I was starring at my circa plum pigment & it looks ok…mmm I can’t really compare coz I haven’t seen yours but maybe you can look at pictures online?

  15. triplethreaaat says:

    are you from ontario? there was one near my place as well.. just wanted to know if it only happens here or other provinces

  16. MandyEllo says:

    woah such good deals

  17. beadutiful says:

    nice video! Rate my spring look!

  18. 27ARS7 says:

    oh i have the charity gift packs from friday and later on saturday.. let me knw if you want to swpa

  19. sylvialeexd says:

    I need to get myself to Canada for these sales! lol Great haul =)

  20. valerieisstupid says:

    giveaway giveaway giveaway!! :D ahhhh hahah im way too excited for this right now…

  21. HilsHeavenScents says:

    Awesome deals! Glamour Check is my #1 fav Mac eyeshadow. I love wearing it with teal as like a beachy look hehe.

  22. cindycs88 says:

    i think everyone got looks like sin cremesheen lol, every haul video i’ve seen the person has bought it, i guess that one did well at the sale

  23. nlngstar says:

    aww… so sad! haha… i wish the MAC in my country has warehouse sale….

  24. elina22 says:

    I live in Vancouver Canada…. I’ve never heard any announcements about these warehouse sales..

  25. xJOLE says:

    @nlngstar, it was honestly through word of mouth. i saw on a bunch of beauty blogs, and that’s how i found out about it. this only happens canada i think (about 99% sure)

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