HAUL: Forever 21, Love Culture & Skin Care Products!

Haul Items listed below: Neutrogena Naturals purifying facial cleanser Olay Complete All Day UV moisture cream Love Culture: Black top w/stars, White Leopard top, black studded handbag. Forever 21: Grey coat My Blog: thecupcakecartel.blogspot.com

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  1. TheDailyCupcake says:

    @2011alliecat Yesss I’m such a big handbag person too!!

  2. 2011alliecat says:

    I love big handbags too. Little ones are cute, but I like bringing all my makeup and everything with me.

  3. TheDailyCupcake says:

    @mermaid21100 Thank you : )

  4. mermaid21100 says:

    That bag is sooooo cute! :)

  5. shavoneisabuckeye201 says:

    love yaaaa

  6. TheDailyCupcake says:

    @kissmytanx3 Thank you, so much sweetie!! XOXO

  7. kissmytanx3 says:

    Love your hair and makeup in this video…gorgeous! Xoxo

  8. TheDailyCupcake says:

    @alexisfluegge Aww thank you, so much sweetie!! xoox

  9. TheDailyCupcake says:

    @thatsnotwhattheysaid Thank you :)

  10. thatsnotwhattheysaid says:

    i love your hair like that

  11. alexisfluegge says:

    i think i would love off the shoulder tops too if my shoulders looked like yours! would die to have your figure :)

  12. TheDailyCupcake says:

    @Glambition1 Awww, you just put a HUGE smile on my face!! Thank you, so much honey! I really appreciate that! I didn’t know Walgreens carried their products. I’m going to go see if my Walgreens does yay…Thanks for letting me know sweetie!!! Have a wonderful day!! xoxoox

  13. TheDailyCupcake says:

    @animalrescuegeek Hi honey : ) Thank you, so much and thanks for sharing that info! Fingers crossed I think were going to get some cooler weather this week hoping and praying..hehe!! I’ll pass it along to my Mom and Sis thank you, again sweetheart! xo

  14. TheDailyCupcake says:

    @QLCOLLECTION I’ve tried that face wash and unfortunately it broke me out verrrrry badly! I heard from a dermatologist that if you’re acne prone Vitamin C isn’t always the best for your face and that it can make you break out and unfortunately i did : ( I know, a lot of people who use it and love it though!!

  15. TheDailyCupcake says:

    @macmodel22 Aww…Thank you, so much sweetie!! XO

  16. macmodel22 says:

    You are just the most beautiful person ever!!!

  17. TheDailyCupcake says:

    @xoBrunetteBarbie Thank you, so much love!!! XOXO

  18. xoBrunetteBarbie says:

    Great video love you loooook so purdyyy! as usual :) xo

  19. TheDailyCupcake says:

    @jaimerockstar Thank you, honey! xo

  20. jaimerockstar says:

    those earrings are beautiful!

  21. Glambition1 says:

    @TheDailyCupcake I’m so excited!! I am so happy your back! You are by far one of the best guru’s on youtube, I’ve loved everything I have tried based on your recommendations. I bought a Profusion palette based on your recommendation and LOVED it. Walgreens has started carrying their products at great prices for Christmas, you should check them out. They are great purse size palettes under $3.

  22. TheDailyCupcake says:

    @Glambition1 Thank you : ) I’m going to film one today : ) XOXO

  23. TheDailyCupcake says:

    @Hayley7363 Thank you, babes!!! I know, I hadn’t either! I was so excited when I found it : ) XO

  24. TheDailyCupcake says:

    @MissDDHeather Thank you : )

  25. TheDailyCupcake says:

    @jbMASCH I was the biggggestt idiot in the world!! Yes, I meant Love Culture..lol!

  26. rallyrallyro says:

    Love the video! This make-up seems so easy to do. It is amazing how us girls we try to make complicated make-up, when in fact, all it is so simple! Now I truly understand your motto: “Less is more”. <3

  27. Violetartistry says:

    @kristen4somebody haaa ;-) ))))))) THANK YOU! xooxo

  28. Violetartistry says:

    @tyana1869 Multumesc :-) ))

  29. Violetartistry says:

    @sikupyte :-) ))) xoxo

  30. Violetartistry says:

    @mmL2145 :-) )) This is one of my natural looks..bf the navy and 2 layers of mascara :-) P.S I just put up a new vide about Foundations and my philosophy ..on how i use them :-) )) xoxox

  31. mariaradum says:

    bentita e superba..:*

  32. mmL2145 says:

    great video violet! i love the pop of color on the lower lash line. i would really like to see those videos you spoke about in the beginning with the simple everyday looks and your take on makeup :D

  33. sikupyte says:

    you look so young!!! amazing!! :) you are not old i mean, but you understand, what i wanted to say :) ))

  34. tyana1869 says:

    Nu pot sa cred ca esti romanca:D….este deosebita si imi plac tutorialele tale:*

  35. kristen4somebody says:

    You’re gorgeous and amazing. Se vede ca romancele sunt cele mai frumoase femei.
    We love youuuu.

  36. aoana15 says:

    @Violetartistry That would be great
    thank you

  37. Violetartistry says:

    @Dutchess830 :-) blushing :) )) xo thank you!

  38. Violetartistry says:

    @lyssiefreshh :-) xoxoxo thank you!

  39. Violetartistry says:

    @rachelleleann I did 2 videos about my own skin care routine but yes, i will have more general one soon :-) ) it’s on my to do list! xoxooxo thank you :-)

  40. Violetartistry says:

    @LadyDyvine :) ))))) come see me!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Violetartistry says:

    @aoana15 actually next week i am putting up a video about foundations :-) )) it has been highly requested so it will be in detail :-) )) xoxoxo thank you for watching!!

  42. Violetartistry says:

    @LadyDyvine hello my love!!! No..you can use highlighter anytime..I just skip it sometimes during the day, that way at night time i can doll up a bit :-) xoxo I will try to have one video a week at least :-) )) pupici!!!

  43. Violetartistry says:

    @andrabruma *blushing*** you are too kind! thank you! xoxxo

  44. Violetartistry says:

    @CAROLINAPARISLONDON I haven’t post it on my blog because i realized it’s only the chanel eyeshadow that might be a problem to purchase for some people. A creamy champagne color eyeshadow works just as good :-) )) Thank you so much for watching!!! xo

  45. Violetartistry says:

    @Jujubeoh aww thank you so much for stopping by and for your kind words! idk who posted it there but thank you :-) I hope it’s useful :-) xo

  46. Violetartistry says:

    @BibiFlorina81 multumesc :-) crede-ma, tenul meu nu sta superb :( daca nu il curat in fiecare zi, exfoliere la 2-3 zile si vitamina E. acneea ma pandeste la usa din cand in cand! P.S thank you for watching ;-) xo

  47. BibiFlorina81 says:

    OMG ! te invidiez…ai un ten superb:) Esti frumoasa si super dragalasa! Puuuup…!!!

  48. Jujubeoh says:

    Someone on the QVC beauty boards posted this link, and I’m so glad they did. Great tutorial. You are flawlessly beautiful, even without makeup.


    I hope it’s not to much trouble Violeta!!!!
    Merci beaucoup!!!!!


    Bonne année !!!!
    Great tutorial, I’ll try tomorrow!!!!;D
    I agree about what you said about makeup, and I can’t wait to see what you have for us in 2012!!!!!
    I haven’t seen your blog yet( didn’t know you had one!) but I would love if you could refer to MAC colors or Urban Decay as dupe for what you use in videos. For example, you use chanel but give us the MAC color because sometimes I don’t get the same result and wonder if I’m not using the wrong color( which is not end of the world!!!! ;D )

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