has anyone used oil of olay regenerist? did it work?

Question by eydieville: has anyone used oil of olay regenerist? did it work?
before i sink what i consider to be a lot of money into it, i’d like to know. i have deepish lines i think are called smile lines and at the corners of my lips, the skin sags down, making it look like i’m frowning when i’m not. i need to know what kind of success older women have had with any of the oil of olay regenerist line. what specific products would be beneficial to me. also if you’ve had success with another similar product, such as garnier frutise. thanks.

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Answer by Char T
I was just reading the other day that regenerist was the best in a consumer based study done in 2006, so I guess it does have some effect. I haven’t used it. I know that retin-a also helps to reduce wrinkles, because it helps with cellular turn over. You need a prescription for that though.

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  1. Kim F says:

    This product is not going to make a substantial difference with your lines and wrinkles. I am 46 and have some faint lines and a few deeper wrinkles. I use Olay Regenerist. I have not really seen any improvement.

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