Hairfinity Hair Vitamins product review

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  1. 9Vikkk9 says:

    I take vitamins for my hair. I buy my vitamins from iherb dot com. They ship worldwide. For my hair and nails: biotin (Thompson) and Horsetail grass (Nature’s Way or Nature’s Answer). My hair is now in very good condition and long. I have a coupon code for this site if you want order the first time: VIK284 and you have 5$ off.
    For hair ends: pure avocado/jojoba/argan oil -> very good!

  2. IFS722 says:


  3. rolitasutton17 says:

    where did you buy them??

  4. felixcat208 says:

    IU stands for International Units; the measurement used for certain supplements.

  5. parishiltonheiress says:

    @1lbjohn be careful don’t overdose! All those vitamins has the same ingredients trust me I know!

  6. 1lbjohn says:

    I have great length in the first week! but i take both a multi vitamin and hairfinity with cvs hair, skin and nail vitamin and a complex b vitamin

  7. 1lbjohn says:

    i take mine at the same time in the morning after breakfast

  8. Skye525 says:

    - 2 capsules (daily serving) contains 2500 mcg of biotin.

  9. parishiltonheiress says:

    @taylorcam321 I take them at breakfast or as soon as I remember I try to take them at the same time everyday.

  10. parishiltonheiress says:

    @ilise12 the ingredients are in the tags of the video

  11. parishiltonheiress says:

    @kiararoxatt246 swallow with juice, soda or water

  12. taylorcam321 says:

    when do you take the pills do you take them at the same time or seprate  i ordered mine and dont want to take them wrong

  13. ilise12 says:

    can u list all the ingredients….. ?plz

  14. KiaraRoxATT246 says:

    @parishiltonheiress Hi. uhm how do you take the pills? do you open them or do u just swallow them as they come? can u tell me exactly how u take them

  15. petserous says:

    the website is hair

  16. jokedzzz says:

    well that does make sense. depriving your body of the nutrients all at once can make the reverse happen. if you are going to take vitamins for hair growth or anything, i suggest that once you wanna stop taking the pills, add a multivitamin to your diet OR make sure you add these nutrients to your body with the foods you eat.

  17. parishiltonheiress says:

    so far no but my hair sheds a little sometimes after I detangle a rollerset or a twist out plus I’m 20 weeks post relaxer and if i don’t deep condition weekly because I colored my hair but other than that I don’t think its because of the pills. I stop taking them for a month because was sick and my hair did not shed more than usual. hope this helps but let me know if you have more questions. :0)

  18. parishiltonheiress says:


  19. christprp says:

    another question I heard after you stop taking them you shed? what have you found to be true?

  20. J011yRanchers says:

    can you chew the pill or do you have to swallow

  21. parishiltonheiress says:

    Sexyred8604 I can’t answer your question because u block me

  22. parishiltonheiress says:

    @ladyen7 not sure but I’ll check

  23. parishiltonheiress says:

    @Christprp yes u can

  24. christprp says:

    can you open the pills? bc I have a hard time swallowing pills

  25. ladyen7 says:

    How much biotin is in it?

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