“For Cosmetologist” I live In WI.I plan to go to a Cosmetology School. Aveda Or Regency.> I Need To Know>>?

Question by Leah: “For Cosmetologist” I live In WI.I plan to go to a Cosmetology School. Aveda Or Regency.> I Need To Know>>?
I need to know “The Real” Deal about Aveda. I read on line they are not as natural and chemical free as they claim to be..better then other products.. they pride themselves on being the best and having the best products…over everyone else.. and turning out the best graduates. I called a hair salon.. and the stylist told me she worked with Aveda Graduates and Other schools.. and Aveda..knows.. only their line.. and the shop wants an over view.. of all the product lines. Also she thought.. they didn’t know enough in the chair because they spend more time on sales of their product line.. which is wonderful for them.. if you get a job at one of their salons.. But.. I had a Two bad experiences with them already. The admission rep was down right rude..over the phone and remarked to me some discriminating remarks.. where I could have sued them…but didn’t. Also.. I called an Aveda Salon today and the Stylist was cutting me off .. not letting me finish my sentence.. acted superior to me and Very.. Snooty.. and implied a rude remark to me. Is it me? Or is their perception of themselves over rated?

Also….. A Generic Salon… Do they look up or frown on Aveda Only Product Knowledge.. I personally wouldn’t hire them.. knowing some of this.. Besides…. there are A lot..more Generic Salons out there.. then there are Aveda ones.. they seem to be like an occult.. where they want their own kind and want to mold you. Almost sorority like… sister hood.. but would not be easy to work with them women. From what I have experienced. All states have the same requirements. I heard their program is more expensive then the other one I want to go to.. Each program has to have a certain number of hours. Also. their prices.. from what I seen aren’t that expensive.. the stylist told me today…they don’t even have color..experts or make up artists.. I think they are not as advanced in other areas.. or eye lash extensions etc.. Some .. services at higher end salons are over a hundred dollars their menu was cheapish.. to me..and you can’t make money that way.

Any feed back from other stylist would help me out. … Thanks Ladies

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