Favorite Foundation Estee Lauder Double Wear

twitter.com nurology.blogspot.com In this video: Eyes: Covergirl Coffee Shop Quad- Gold and Brown Cheeks: Benefit [Hoola] to contour and Bobbi Brown Blush [Pale Pink] Lips: Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Liner [Spice] & Victoria’s Secret Lipstick [Dedication] Nails: OPI [Coney Island Cotton Candy]


  1. missxiyalin says:

    i have dry skin,do you think it will work for me ,too?

  2. jiller777 says:

    what color are u?? I got a sample it was way to Pink for me..I have to GO BACK for another sample shade, Need something with a yellow Undertone not pink…

  3. ac9231 says:

    how many bottles have u gone through??

  4. DestinyRoxasSD says:

    I’ve been stuck on Studio Fix for a few years, and I’m absolutely going to try DW now, I got a trial size and it felt like silk when I put it on, lasted long, and seemed completely comparable, if not better then SF. I loved how detailed this video was, thank you!

  5. jiller777 says:

    @yayaiay MAC causes breakouts! Estee Lauder is the only makup company thts…

  6. rochee77 says:

    i want a long lasting medium coverage foundation that will make my skin look soo smooth and flawless and dewy- i esp love dewy look coz i have dry skin so i like a foundation that gives that luminous look. can you recommened a foundation estee lauder? futurist or resilience lift? i tried estee lauder double wear and loved how smooth it made my skin look and liked the coverage and how long it lasts on my face but didnt give that luminosity im after

  7. itssyasaminnluv says:

    ive been using double wear since 7th grade and i LOVE it. my favorite foundation EVER.

  8. tiiggger says:

    Oooh that just gives me alot of confirmation about this foundation ^.^ lol I’m actualy very, very glad that they have foundations that are more pink toned although it must suck for people with yellow undertones :( lol you’d be amazed at how hard it is for me to find a foundation that is pale enough for me with pink undertones.

  9. yayaiay says:

    @CellarDoor367 I do the same. I tried wearing mine alone; no bueno with the pink undertones. :) I love MAC but… it just wont stay on long enough.

  10. CellarDoor367 says:

    This is a really unique formula! I have been wearing it about a year and I cant find anything as good. My skin is SO oily and this is the only thing that lasts all day and looks beautiful. I have to agree, the colors are disapointing! I mix a tiny bit of MAC studio fix Nw20 to give me some color. This is so good.

  11. SamFem says:

    Can you tell me which Nars sheer glow color you use to add the yellower tint? I also need some yellow tint to my foundation. Thanks.

  12. icelily2010 says:

    so there are no dupes for this foundation? what are your other foundations

  13. californiablonde14 says:

    if you dont want the heavyness mix with moisturizers! same long wearing

  14. qt247ha says:

    how do you wash the foundation brush? it’s impossible for me to clean it completely. I have used the EL brush cleaner, MAC brush cleaner, and Shu Uemura brush cleaner (which worked, but I had to use a LOT of product). Can you help me please? It would be so kind of you.

  15. Misbehave11 says:

    Hi for the great vid! Would you say the double wear is water resistant?

  16. kajshonik says:

    what powder do you use to set the foundation?

  17. babydoll467789 says:

    does this foundation have a yellow undertone? and is it thick?

  18. Lynsey38025Part2 says:

    Your make up looks great so I have to try this.

  19. Matthewjames05 says:

    Great review! :) Will this foundation work for people with red undertones? Thanks!

  20. MiaVitaBella says:

    Wanted to thank you for doing this review, like you I have tried so many foundations and all left me unhappy. I am now a happy double wear wearer! I am almost done with my first bottle and it always looks great, my husband even told me I looked like a porcilin doll! :)

  21. Eladrys says:

    I love Estee Lauder products but I haven’t tried their foundation. I’ll give it a go.

  22. TheSugarSniper says:

    You are absolutely gorgeous :D and you have the same skintone as me (the same shade in EL) so it’s easier for me to follow through your vids :D NEW SUBSCRIBER!!!!

  23. ann01marie says:

    I so agree with you. Hands down, this is the absolute best foundation out there. Glad to hear someone else thinks so too. :)

  24. norelie1 says:

    sorry if someone already asked but was is the oil control like- this is my major problem that I want to tame!

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