Estee Lauder Pore Miniminzer, Skin refinisher

My first youtube video! Heres a review on the Estee Lauder pore minimising skin refinisher! I am really impressed with this product….please subscribe :)


  1. bark1 says:

    I love what Idealist does for my skin (though I too am very oily and it doesn’t help a whole lot with that), but I find it so incredibly expensive.

  2. pipette1110 says:

    i bought it today! i was hesitating between this one and the urban decay pore minimizer… i’ll see the results tomorrow!!!

  3. dancingram79 says:

    Try the qlinique pore minimizer line… they are really great, I was about to buy estee lauder but the store staff told me that it was not really that different from cliniques.. and much cheaper too… I found cliniques to be very good. give it a try.

  4. okay081 says:

    how much do you use at a time? pea size?

  5. 7thFly says:

    I’m subbing :)

  6. libertyparker says:

    I love Idealist too, I first tried it years ago, haven’t used it for a while now but I do miss it in my routine. Might have to pick it up again :)

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