Estée Lauder MAC Warehouse Event Mar 2011

Yet another late Mac Warehouse sale video.. my apologies! T_T” SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO LINDA! It was so great to meet you and I wish you the best of luck with Med School! Hope you had a great experience at the warehouse sale! Let me know if you plan to attend future sales! 1) MAC Tartan tin cases – in blue & red [.00] 2) Clinique Floral Clutch in yellow/pink/purple [.00] 3) Clinique Cosmetic Case in pink/red [.00] 4) MAC Highlight Powder in GOLDEN NECTAR from the Naked Honey Collection [.00] 5) MAC Bronzing Powder in GOLDEN [.00] 6) MAC Studio Care Blend Pressed Powder in DEEP DARK [.00] 7) MAC matte eyeshadow in ALL RACES from the All Races Collection [.00] 8) MAC matte eyeshadow in VIOLET TRANCE [.00] 9) MAC creme liner in DARK BROWN [.00] 10) Estee Lauder Palette from the Colour Harmonies Collection in NUDE ROSE [.00] 11) Clinique Perfume set in HAPPY – cosmetic case, body wash, body cream and 50ML of perfume [.00] Door Crashers/Charity Packages: [.00] 1) MAC Mineralize All Over Lotion 2) MAC Criss-Cross Lashes #41 3) MAC Mineralize Foundation – Loose Powder in MEDIUM DEEP 4) MAC Creamsheen Glass Lipgloss in BOY BAIT Free gift with purchase was a MAC Duo Pencil Sharpener* TOTAL = 0.00 CDN


  1. BeautyMarked02 says:

    Great haul!

  2. ciobeautyx3 says:

    What camera do you use?

  3. krngeekette says:

    @TheKdog20000 – It happens every 3 months, so the next scheduled one would be taking place on June. Location is in Markham, however it is not open for the public.

    Access inside the warehouse requires a specific invitation-

  4. TheKdog20000 says:

    when is the mac warehouse sale? and were?

  5. krngeekette says:

    @meganmariebowman – it is unfortunately only one and its located in Markham =( I have to travel a pretty good distance to even come to these sales… but if you are able to get a ticket and make arrangements to come to one, its defin worth it to just check it out!

    and do your makeup?? haha im horrible at makeup =(

  6. meganmariebowman says:

    how do i find these warehouse saaales! i wanna go. ps: do my makeup?

  7. spilsbury1947 says:

    You’ve still got snow there. Nice to see you out and about.

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