Elena’s Neutrogena Oil-Free Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub Review

Elena reviews her Neutrogena Exfoliating Facial Scrub.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. TwilightFan1615 says:

    I LOVE this product ! I got it a few weeks ago and i used it at night and when i woke up in the morning my face was like 95% clearer ! I dont think that its harsh on yourr skin at all it does dry you out a bit but with a good moisturizer you should be good ! And you only need like a pea sized amount !! (:

  2. liljasper77 says:

    @rachyrae015 I use Biore Ice Fighting cleanser and the Scrub when you first use the Cleanser its like an eye opener feeling its like a tingly feeling. And The scrub really works when you use it it makes your skins feels so smooth and silky… and it cleans out your blackheads.

  3. MacSpot4Ever says:

    @peterandelena it is my favorite face product ever! i dont see why everyone thinks its harsh. u put it on ur hand and add water rub ur hands together to make it foamy and then use it…hence FOAMING SCRUB. and and acne product has to bring ur future zits to the surface to get rid of them and prevent them

  4. suqarstarx2 says:

    I just bought this onee and beforee , I had the wash not thee scrub and when I washed my face I told my mom thaat it felt dry but she said no its just soft but it just felt weird so days passed by and I started to noticed thaat under my eyes it started to qet dryness , and I waas likee ok it doesnt matter , do then I kept washing my face every day and I wokee up and around my mouth it started qettinq dry so my mom was worried and I bought this scrub and it got better .

  5. hannuhliz says:

    i use this scrub twice a day every day and ive never found a face cleanser/scrub thats worked better for me. i guess that just shows how different peoples skin is. i noticed in the video you said it didnt come with a lot of product but i actually only have to use about a pea size amount and ive been using the same bottle for going on 4 months. i thought it would go fast too, but apparently it doesnt :) haha. hope this helps/clears things up! :)

  6. BakaPowah says:

    lol i love how you said it wasnt cheap because in australia i got mine 25% off and was still $11

  7. dasiblings says:

    it burns my skin!

  8. livvyloulouu says:

    omg!!!! i have combination/oily skin and i used this and in a day of useing it….i have the driest skin like all over even my lip (i dont do that area) its horrible i like cried in the morning cause it hurts to move my face and ive never had this happen to me before in my life! it kinda feels like you have been brutallly sunburnt and u have pale skin (which i have) i dont have sensitve skin…this is just a horrible product for me… in my opinion. x

  9. infinteuniverse says:

    If you got cystic acne, you’re not getting rid of it by rubbing creams on it. Go see a doctor for it.

  10. punkprincess5088 says:

    elena is my friend name

  11. livetoloveify says:

    omg..i have the same problem i bought it and i hated it becuz i strtd to break out becuz of this product and my face went dry lyk crazy and it felt flaky and it felt lyk i had a mask on..but i love the smell of it though but would never buy it again and im not even gnna use it anymore..

  12. livelaughmusic1216 says:

    try biore pore unclogging scrub works so good

  13. livelaughmusic1216 says:

    hey so i was going to get this product because i needed a scrub to exfoliate with… but after i watched this review i decided not to and instead i got the biore pore unclogging scrub and it works wonders!!!! i would definitely recommend it to you it smells sorta like green tea and it has little green beads. my face feels so fresh and clean afterwards it doesnt dry out my skin and it helps so much with getting rid of ance and acne prevention.. i also exfoliate once a week.

  14. GottaGetThat12 says:

    You have the same name as me :) )) we even spell it the same! Which is so cool! I’ve only met 3 other elenas who spell like we do! And great video by the way. Very informative!

  15. Crazyy4Horses says:

    I’ve been using this product for almost a week now twice a day and it really cleared my zits! i have mildly dry skin and so far it hasn’t made my skin dryer. I reccomend using a moisturizer after though.

  16. KatieStar222 says:

    i did not like this product! I use the pink grapefruit cream cleanser as an everyday cleanser and it is so much softer on the skin! but this is such a bad exfoliator. it made me break out after I had finally gotten clear skin from the cream cleanser! hate it hate it!

  17. peterandelena says:

    @makaylebaby19 yes it’s awful! :) hate it lol

  18. makaylebaby19 says:

    OMG! thought it was only me -_- never ever buying this again it brought my pimples and zits out even more and caused me more -_- made my skin dry and peel I HATE IT!

  19. ILYKellehh says:

    This cleanser is not good… I got bumps all over my face using this product. And i dont have sensitive skin.

  20. truelove929753 says:

    @tvbx520 : i think your skin is sensitive, i would like to recommend you to use this the same products but ” Cream ” not ” Scrub “

  21. meweewoo says:

    If you are still looking for a good scrub, definitely try out the St. Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Scrub! It’s exfoliating without being harsh, and it has a really unique texture.

  22. demiT147 says:

    @peterandelena ok, thank you & your welcome!(:

  23. peterandelena says:

    @demiT147 i’ll consider it — thanks for subscribing :)

  24. demiT147 says:

    can you please do a review on Clean & Clear Deep Action Cleanser?!?!?! PLEAASEEEEEY!!:D

  25. TheLollylegs says:

    I love exfoliating my skin and most products i have used arent too rough and leave it feeling fresh and clean and soft, Neutrogena exfoliating facial scrub dryed my face out and has left it irritated and i have seriously dry cracked areas around my mouth, Im not sensitive to skincare products..and this product did not seem to look like it was over powering or too strong when i purchased it. Not recommended at all, sure it smells lovely but that’s the only pull in.

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