Does proactive also clears out the blemishes, scars and pores left by acne?

Question by Ian N: Does proactive also clears out the blemishes, scars and pores left by acne?
im just curious about the “before-after” commercial of proactiv. it seems that the face “before” in the commercial got edited and turned out the clear in the “after” scene. i just want some reviews about the product

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Answer by xblackpixiedustx24
it depends on your skin type.
Try some other acne products.

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  1. bdaugherty0423 says:

    i tried proactiv but it didn’t work for me. it dried out my skin and made it really red and irritated all the time.

  2. rana7262 says:

    my mom used it and said it diddnt work at all 4 her

  3. xoFifi says:

    i tried proactiv and it’s a big scam. it seems like it’s working for like a week, then it just dries out your skin and makes it all red and puffy.

    about the commercial, i’ve noticed a lot of the people in the after pictures look like they’re wearing makeup or they’re airbrushed.

  4. Jason says:

    i just used proactive a few minutes ago… i hope so

  5. bev_b20 says:

    Proactiv uses benzoyl peroxide to clear the skin.
    It is fine if you have severe acne but prolonged use can damage your skin. It strips the skin of it’s natural oils causing your skin to become oilier.
    As for scars, the only thing I can recommend is a vitamin A cream or ointment. It is the only thing I know of besides laser surgery to remove scars left from acne

  6. Jose S says:

    For my wife’s blemishes and acne scars she use papaya kojic and licorice base soap and cream which are available online. These work wonders. Maybe it will work on you too. Try searching it through Google ‘shopaholic’s bargains’

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