Divide and Conquer: How the Essence of Mindfulness Parallels the Nuts and Bolts of Science

Google Tech Talk January 28, 2010 ABSTRACT Presented by Shinzen Young. The purpose of this talk is threefold: (1) to describe how senior adepts use mindfulness to reduce suffering and gain insight into selfhood and emotions. (2) To point out how the method they use in many ways parallels what scientists do when confronted with a complex and inscrutable system in nature. (3) To discuss how this fundamental parallelism between the two endeavors can become the basis for a productive collaboration in the future. Bio: Shinzen Young became fascinated with Asian culture while a teenager in Los Angeles. Later he enrolled in the Ph.D. program in Buddhist Studies at the University of Wisconsin. Eventually, he went to Asia and did extensive training in each of the three major Buddhist meditative traditions: Vajrayana, Zen, and Vipassana. Upon returning to the United States, his intellectual interests shifted to the burgeoning dialogue between Eastern internal science and Western technological science. In recognition of his original contributions to that dialogue, the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology has awarded him an honorary doctorate. Shinzen’s innovative techniques for pain management derived from two sources: The first is his personal experience dealing with discomfort during intense periods of meditation in Asia, and during shamanic ceremonies with tribal cultures. The second is some three decades of experience in coaching people through a wide spectrum of chronic and
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  1. MoDeeSeventyThree says:

    The biggest problem in the understanding that people have about mindfulness/meditation is that most non meditators think that its simply a relaxation tool….but true meditators know the great impact that meditation can have for one’s life, in every area….imagine if we taught contemplative practices to kids in the education system….imagine our politicians were impacted by practicing mindfulness and mediation, it would change the world

  2. jman4887 says:

    i would like to become a monk on my journey can you guide me with any connections in doing that and giving me resources? Thank u

  3. rodrigojoseunb says:

    This was the most fulfilling thumbs up i’ve ever gave.

  4. phoggee says:

    omg this guy is fantasic, meditation never made so much sense

  5. TheServiceWeb says:


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  6. knochenwerferin says:

    A great help, thank you!

  7. 00melo00 says:

    From all the stuff I read and know on Buddhism (2 books, loads of websites, some mindfulness experiences), this video contains 75%+ of my knowledge about the philosophy.

    It’s like he explained all of it in a short and concise manner.

  8. cliffcox66 says:

    Thank you, I’ve bought many CD’s and find you very lucid and clear.

  9. bamboosa says:

    ok, this officially makes Google cool.

  10. ninjasdoitbetter says:

    ERROR: The interactive transcript is really cool, I think theres an error though,24:49 “we`ve dreamed sleep” I think he says, “we have dreamless sleep” Meaning, sometimes we have sleep thats dreamless, and then we arent conscious. Not sure of course, but, thats what I think. could ask him.

  11. porscheghcje says:

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  12. docbarham says:

    Shinzen Young is a fantastic teacher. He makes what was previously difficult and complex simple and easy to understand. His one hour in depth free interview at Ask Integral Experts is an amazing and fun journey filled with insight and practical applications of the Science Of Enlightenement. Awesome!

  13. BEATNIKCASS says:

    good stuff son….one of the best talks i’ve heard…i was a zen monk (since ’65) of the “idiot” school….but it still worked.—–my 1st distraction was; “where the breath intake goes as it gets absorbed into the lungs and what it looks like if the breath could see”"

  14. BEATNIKCASS says:

    good stuff son….one of the best talks i’ve heard…i was a zen monk (since ’65) of the “idiot” school….but it still worked.

  15. lexave says:


    wiki /wiki/Mihaly_Csikszentmihalyi

  16. T1Brit says:

    This is so radical. It is an incredible idea. It would be the greatest event in human history – no question. Shinzen is a great master and I think his message is going to get through. I am certainly going to spread this idea. Awesome and inspiring.

  17. bohmana says:

    I loved this lecture. A great man, mr Young.

  18. pointatthemoon says:

    I love this, and I hope he can get the funding. Who will research a method for reaching a mental state that is fundamentally opposed to our consumerism?

  19. dg8162 says:

    I am curious to know why there were so few people in the audience. Was this due to a lack of interest, or perhaps some other reason?

    I would have hoped that more Googlers would be interested in hacking their wet-ware.

  20. sacreebluee says:

    base sound is too low on this video.

  21. batlin says:

    That was a very exciting and interesting talk. I enjoyed his choice of analogies, quite appropriate. Gotta check out this Mindfulness…

  22. LookAndRest says:

    an excellentm, clear and vivid talk about mindfulness practice. Thanks very much to Shinzen and GoogleTechTalks.

  23. dhamma58 says:

    my original teacher–great to see the dharma as taught then and now by one of our great western teachers…..

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