Conquer Male Pattern Baldness

Get your FREE copy of “The 8 Styling Styling Secrets for Men with Thinning Hair” at Volluma skyrockets your level of confidence with thick looking youthful hair without hair pieces, drugs or surgery. In this demo, a Male with short, thinning hair gets a remarkable new look with Volluma, the Salon Professional Hair Thickener. Volluma is a water resistant, cosmetic hair thickening spray that thickens your hair, instantly enhancing your look. It’s colored keratin fibers securely bond to your hair shafts, dramatically thickening them, giving you youthful looking, thick hair. Volluma can be used alone or to improve the look of other regrowth or hair restoration treatments. Volluma also works well to hide the small spots created by Alopecia Areata. Ask your Barber or Stylist about Volluma or, Buy Now at Look Good, Feel Great!


  1. volluma says:

    You raise the valid point that minoxidil can work to over time to some degree, sometimes on some people. Volluma, on the other hand, is a cosmetic that works instantly, most of the time on most people and can be used in most cases where minoxidil is not recommended.

    For the (jaw dropping) limits of minoxidil, see

  2. suprajazz says:

    Stupid use 12.5%+azelaic acid minoxidol to grow it back

  3. volluma says:

    Many who suffer Alopecia Areata find Volluma helps them feel better about their affliction. Additionally Volluma is sold in thousands of Hair Salons throughout Europe, Canada and the US as a cosmetic solution for the many men and women who don’t want drugs, surgery or a hair piece to feel better about their thinning hair. BTW, with the exception of small spots of Alopecia Areata Volluma is not intended for use on bald spots. Thanks for your question!

  4. KleWdSide says:

    LOL! Who the hell would actually use that?

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