Common Causes for Itchy and Swollen Eyelids

Via – Red itchy and swollen eyelids are at least annoying and at worst disabling, and they happen almost exclusively to women. So what is the culprit? Dr. Schultz will share with you why you won’t have to look farther than your finger tips. Transcript Itchy red swollen eyelids is a vexing and annoying problem that I see mostly in my female patients, and the most common cause of this problem, believe it or not, is nail polish. There are only two things that touch the skin of your eyes—your fingers and your make-up, and it’s usually not your make-up. Nail polish only causes this reaction if you’re allergic to it in the first 4-6 hours after it’s been applied while it’s still drying because the chemicals are much more irritating in the liquid nail polish than in the dry nail polish. They actually change when they’re on your nails, and those chemicals, after 6-8 hours, are no longer irritating. So the next time you wake up with red swollen itchy eyelids, think about whether or not you had new nail polish applied the day before and, if you remove your nail polish, re-apply it and keep your hands away from your eyelids for the first eight hours and I’ll bet that that rash doesn’t come back.
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  1. sachypink says:

    I don’t use nail polish and I have this problem

  2. wonderlandsbeauty says:

    wow i did paint my nails yesterday and i woke up to SWOLLen eyelids..

  3. NoorminAllah says:

    explain my swollen eye. I don’t use nail polish! (my husband is a doc.)

  4. Splinterfan says:

    if you are in colder and/or windier climates and you are subjected to being outside, a possibility is ‘an eye draft’. It causes eye lid swelling. Polysporin Sterile Antibiotic Eye Ointment is an option. It comes in a little tube. It’s over the counter in Canada. I’m not sure about in the US or anywhere else Ask a Pharmacist or your doctor. Take any swelling near or in your eye seriously. Mention to your doctor if you have any allergies, twitching, surgeries in the past etc.

  5. ipohkengyeah says:

    doctor pls answer me. ive wear double eyelid stickers/tapes for years to create double eyelid crease (im asian) and it’ s no problem.
    months ago, everytime i wear it, it cause some red bumps to grow. once i take it off, it disappear in 1-2days.
    so i kept on wearing it, one day i woke up, there’s inflammation on my eyelid. raised skin. reddened, dry cracking skin.
    how do i treat it ? is it serious. it recur though after i stop usin mometasone furoate

  6. axeaus91 says:

    This should really go through other causes. I’ve never worn nail polish so it doesn’t apply to me.

  7. LYJManchesterUnited says:

    Help me heal it feels annoying like hell!! mine is cause by my contact lenses

  8. L3Ty21 says:

    how can i make it go away???

  9. beatchoass says:

    @Virchew same exact thing with me

  10. Virchew says:

    My lower left eyelid is swollen. I don’t have contacts, but I do have glasses. Also I’m a guy so it can’t be nail polish. The eyelid doesn’t have a bump or anything but is swollen quite evenly. It also hurts a little expescially when I blink. Please help. Thanks.

  11. bmxezmo says:

    whaaat. i dont wear nail polish :/

  12. sweetrainbow10 says:

    I have not used nail polish in days, but on one morning my eyelids started to hurt! That night my mother told me that my eyelid was swollen! That same night took Benedryl, hoping the swelling would go. The fowolling morning my eyelids were worse then the pervious night! It hurt when I blink and I start school in less then two weeks!!! Please help me treat it……

  13. zincink says:

    interesting, I would of never guessed that in a million years

  14. dermTVdotcom says:

    @IampureSol Many different chemicals and substances that you come in contact with during the day can cause this in addition to nail polish. See a dermaotlogist for patch testing to find out what the cause of your allergy is.

  15. IampureSol says:

    I don’t use nail polish either. I kept waking up with itchy eyelids and it turned red and swollen…now I have a patch and bad wrinkles….plus on the edges of my eyelids it is very dry and feels rough… : ( . Things I did put on my face were: mineral makeups with ingredients with MICA ingredient that I heard was bad : ( I also washed my face with antibacterial soap.. What could have caused this?

  16. evii00 says:

    OMFG… i applied nailpolish yesterday night and when i woke up this morning my freakin eyelid was swollen :(

  17. riurijjir says:

    Shallow answer. I never had nail- polish in my life, and I still suffer from itchy eyes…
    What about man?

  18. dermTVdotcom says:

    @geebatart: If following the steps discussed in the video wasn’t helpful, then I suggest seeing a dermatologist for further diagnosis and treatment.

  19. geebatart says:

    how about a way to get rid of it? ive had it for months and i dont know how to get rid of it!! a remedy would’ve been VERY helpful.

  20. dermTVdotcom says:

    @RedPanda1990: The type of reaction nail polish usually causes is red swollen lids. If lids are just very dry or flaking and peeling, that may be an entirely different type of problem which usually is a low-grade eczema. If moisturizer is not sufficient to help relieve that, then you should see a dermatologist.

  21. RedPanda1990 says:

    What if I didint have nail polish on? And now my lid is very dry and peeling kind of……

  22. gladheateher4now says:

    Thanks ,she doest use nail polish thow!!

  23. dermTVdotcom says:

    (PART II) If this is a recurring problem for her, she should see a dermatologist to determine if, in fact, this is an external contact dermatitis and, if so, patch testing can be done to determine what she is allergic to. I hope thats helpful.

  24. dermTVdotcom says:

    @gladheateher4now: (PART I) While there are many different causes of swollen eyelids, nail polish (not makeup) is one of the most common. The only things that touch eyelids are fingertips and makeup and, in the absence of makeup, fingertips can convey any material that your girlfriend gets on her hands in the course of the day in addition to any products applied to the nails. (CONTINUED…)

  25. gladheateher4now says:

    Its funny, i bet you could ask 35 different doctors the same question and get 35 different answers. My girlfriend doesnt use any make up and gets swollen eyelids. Guees i will ask the other 34 !! Thanks for the heads up- dock

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