BOAB Product Review – Olay Definity Color Recapture

This is a review on the “foundation” I use. This is actually an anti-aging moisturizer with sheer coverage. Olay’s website says it can be used alone or under foundation. It works fabulously for me by itself. I found online prices ranging from .00 to .00, just depends on where you shop. Learn more here.


  1. dar1toknow says:

    Really good review, I am going out tomorrow to buy this also I use basic Cover Girl clean makeup when I go out, the oil control one, and my skin is flawless all night. I am going to use this for every day though, hope it works for me! Thanks again

  2. annamaria186 says:

    good review, but your comment on the 4 year old foundation made me cringe. please for the love of god throw away that cesspool of bacteria.

  3. aymr says:

    Perfect for those of us who do use foundation for those days we want to go “without makeup”. Loving it too – great video review! I’ll have to try applying it with a brush instead of my fingers and see if it looks better on. Thanks!

  4. outrageousdani says:

    Chelsea, thanks so much! It’s Shower Together by China Glaze.

  5. DanniAndChels says:

    I love your nail polish! What color is it?


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