Avril Lavigne Proactiv Commercial Make Up Look

Hey! This is another requested look, requested by Tanna606. The look is taken from Avril’s commercial for acne cream ‘Proactiv’. Products used: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Benefit BadGal Lash Mascara in Black Benefit BadGal Eyeliner in Black 120 Pro Palette Please Comment, Rate and SUBSCRIBE Chyaz xox


  1. punkchyaz says:

    @lilianaacamara Aw thank you, I’m glad you like them! x

  2. lilianaacamara says:

    u r amazing! i’m watching all ur avril lavigne make ups videos. i love avril lavigne too, she’s awesome! (: xoxo

  3. punkchyaz says:

    @katieandkenna1 It’s super sweet, so thank yo :D

  4. katieandkenna1 says:

    Haha i hope you dotn mind i nearly comment and rave about how pretty/fun/ect u r! haha i hope it doesnt get annoying :) i <3 ur videos! :D

  5. punkchyaz says:

    @emil9660 Aw thank you! x

  6. emil9660 says:

    Your hair is BEAUTIFUL! :)

  7. SittingOnFencess says:

    :D this is good.
    oh by the way
    the inner line is the waterline.

  8. punkchyaz says:

    @cilution You’re entitled to your opinion! Thank you :) x

  9. cilution says:

    You look better than Avril does in that commercial. It seems like she has waaaaay too much makeup on to me, her face looks… fake. Not sure if the makeup or the lighting is more to blame, or both. Then again, what do I know, I’m just some guy. ;)

  10. punkchyaz says:

    I don’t personally, but you can if you need/want to! x

  11. juliala1991 says:

    Don’t you use fondation or powder on your face?

  12. rajeewabk says:

    5/5 for Avril ;)

  13. punkchyaz says:

    Yeah, sorry about that, it’s fixed now but look for the pictures at the end x

  14. AshleyOoi89 says:

    the lighting problem so i cnt see exactly the colour.=(

  15. punkchyaz says:

    Ahh that’s the one!!! I can’t believe I forgot that! Thanks! x

  16. punkchyaz says:

    Aww awesome!! :D

  17. AvrilRockerz08 says:

    the corner of the eye is called the tearduct, i dunno how u spell it

  18. AvrilRockerz08 says:

    OMG I HAVE THAT JACKET, but it’s got more back on it

  19. tummylub says:

    @AvrilRockerz08, that’s what i just said haha copycat! hehe jkjkjkjk! *hugs*

  20. tummylub says:

    @punkchyaz, to me you are “Amazing Chyaz Samuel”! hehe ^^

  21. punkchyaz says:

    Hehe nope, it’s Punkyfish :) it looks Abbey Dawn-ish though! :) x

  22. mangamadme says:

    Is that an abbey dawn jacket?? x

  23. punkchyaz says:

    Thanks! I thought it would be funny cos of the people that say I’m trying to ‘be’ her, cos I’m not hehe! :p xx

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