“Aveda Cosmetology School.. Vs… Cost Cutters Apprenticeship Program?” Why/Why Not? See Below?

Question by : “Aveda Cosmetology School.. Vs… Cost Cutters Apprenticeship Program?” Why/Why Not? See Below?
I would like to attend one of the above. Cost Cutters pays approx. $ 8.00 an hour plus tips .. earn as you learn. You attend classes 2 times a week.. (But( for 2 years. But.. paid.

There is a wait for the apprenticeship. For some unknown reason the instructor up and quit with no notice. They need to find a replacement. I also heard there is not much focus or preparation for the boards in the apprenticeship and you are also thrown out on the floor basically after you take one class. One class is in house. One class at a county college.

Aveda.. although pricey I will be (practicing) everyday with everyone else. I won’t get paid to go.. but the science of plants with products fascinates me. You hear rumors all the time. I heard someone told me.. that an Aveda graduate couldn’t find a job. Whilst.. Cosmetology jobs are out there.. I researched this. There are many openings in this field ..including in my home town.
I don’t know.. why Aveda wouldn’t be hireable .. unless.. they are considered snooty or elite.. some how.. because they specialize in their own special line of products.Either way.. you should learn several or most lines. Regardless of Avedas product line.

I am not concerned about the cost.. as long as I can find a job after school and as long as I don’t have to make payments (while) going. I just have this uneasy feeling about Cost Cutters. Although they only cut and color hair and do waxing.. There are many around.


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Answer by Elle
I think having attended Aveda would look far more better on your resume than it would if you went to Cost Cutters. Plus I think Aveda is better quality and you would enjoy yourself more there.

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