Anyone familiar with Arbonne International products?

Question by gi_1: Anyone familiar with Arbonne International products?
Arbonne International specializes in Swiss skin and body care, nutrition, aromatherapy, cosmetics and weight loss products. I am also told that the business opportunities as a distributor are great (lucrative). Anyone who has used the products, please provide some feedback regarding your experience with them. Anyone who is/has been on the business side of it as well, please provide insight/feedback regarding your experiences. Is this a pyramid scheme?

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Answer by crazyditz020
the stuff is way too expensive…they also make the stuff look bigger in the magazine than it really is in real life so you get kind of don’t get your money’s worth. i like Mary-Kay wayyyyy better!

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  1. carboncopy3570 says:

    Arbonne is a pyramid scheme and there is money to be made if you know a lot of people that want their products and are willing to make it your life to get it to them. I have a friend that sells their products. Personally, as an aesthetician, I know there are better products out there that are the same price if not a little cheaper. Arbonne has not evolved since the 80s. They use the same chemistry and ingredients in their older products. Their newer products contain so many fragrances that they tend to make the user sensitive to them. I prefer to use Bioelements, PCA, Sunshine Living, Dermalogica, BioMedica, SkinCeuticals, Jane Iredale, and Bare Minerals. For aromatherapy, the only place to go is:

  2. laura_l_j says:

    I am an Arbonne consultant and I would love to give you any info you might want on the products. I am not sure about the posts saying the pictures show them as being larger sizes than they are. I got the sizes that are shown and they last me forever. It may be more expensive than other brands but they last and you aren’t having to buy them as often as other products. Check out my site Sign my guest book or email me if you would like more info.

  3. Biancoa says:

    No, it is not a pyramind scheme. It is network marketing. Network marketing is used by many BIG compaines to market thier products, ie Citigroup owns PrimAmerica. Taste of home magazine just started “Taste of home entertaining” and the list just goes on and on.

    This is another site that I run, listen to the recording about “B Quadrant” it’s on the main page towards to bottom, it’s a great recording.

    I am also a consulant, you can reach me at

    Best of luck,

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