Anti-aging demonstration using Ionotophoresis with Arbonne’s NutriMin C RE9 line Iontophoresis is the process of introducing water soluble products into the skin with an electric current. The machine used is a professional Galvanic Machine. Frances Vincen-Brown, Karuna Reiki Master/ Licensed Esthetician from Massage and Skin Care Solutions is demonstrating this process with NutriMin C RE 9 products from Arbonne. Arbonne’s products create amazing results all on their own, but when combined with the Galvanic current, it gives instantly younger firmer looking skin! Great for special events when you want to look your very best. For more information on all the services Massage and Skin Care Solutions has to offer visit our web site at


  1. PuddlesMcNiggley says:

    Do this works on negros?

  2. TeaPotParty says:

    You probably shouldn’t let the cord touch the client like that, it looks quite annoying and irritating. I imagine it makes it hard for the client to relax as well.

  3. BigBoss7777777 says:

    What is the mA level being used here? Thank you.

  4. skinsolutions1 says:

    @Barranquillera2409 lowestest setting for dry skin that;s not very conductive for 5 minutes(0.125)

  5. skinsolutions1 says:


  6. skinsolutions1 says:

    @Barranquillera2409 lowest setting 5 minutes(0.125) for drier skin that isn’t very conductive.

  7. Barranquillera2409 says:

    How long is the treatment and the total of mA for a good aplication without risks?

  8. Wafabarakat says:

    thank you for the video it was very helpful. I’m a student and still learning this process, most videos here are mainly showing nuskin galvanic which I don’t like. can you please tell me if the client was holding an electrode in this video? negative or positive?
    thank you.

  9. skinsolutions1 says:

    @kaly84 I am glad it is helpful and I may do more on this later but I haven’t really had a chance to do more videos as life can get busy! Maybe try looking for other videos like this one on-line and or Milady’s books or videos on galvanic current and how to use it. Good luck and I will keep it in mind to do more video’s on this subject when I have a chance.

  10. kaly84 says:

    your video is really helpful. can you post another one that you are using cataphoresis and show more show you turn the switch to negative or positive pole or which electrode on client. i need some revision but i dont know where i can get help from.

  11. kverzwyvelt says:

    :)  thanks for the reply!

  12. skinsolutions1 says:

    That’s great that you are in school. I love being an esthetician. In this short demonstration and for video quality I did not, and it’s gauze that usually is used not cotton.Setting was low and client’s skin was saturated in product to ensure no irritation. In longer treatments I would be using gauze. Thanks for your question and I wish success in your career.

  13. kverzwyvelt says:

    I’m currently an esthetician student, and wondered why you did not wrap the roller with cotton, you don’t have to do this?

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