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Link for PanOxyl Bar of soap or at least you can see the packaging lol FTC: This applies to all products mentioned in this video: 1) Did you get this product for free by the company, or did you buy it yourself? I bought it myself. 2) Are you getting paid or compensated by this company for this video? No. 3) Are you affiliated with this company? No. 4) Is this your honest opinion or a paid review? My honest opinion.
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  1. 127megaman says:

    this chick is hot

  2. kaylapaiam says:

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  3. bL1nDnoTd3aF says:

    is it ok to use panoxyl bar soap without mosturizer?i have panoxyl soap 5%. and OH! is this also for acne marks?you know, the dark spots?

  4. Jessica45578 says:

    Clinique 7 day scrub is really good and not so irritating. It’s not to expensive either. 

  5. MilvokiKralj1987 says:

    just bought the PanOxyl foam version to try for minor break outs i get due to my food allergies, hopefully it works!

    looks as though its worked for u cuz u look amazing!

  6. xxbubbles72xx says:

    Navarro lol I think maybe we only have it here in Miami

  7. lizzyxlego says:

    you should try biore exfoliating scrub its amazinggg

  8. ginabinawina99 says:

    never heard of that bar of soap b4! have you tried the (omg forgetting the brand) apricot scrub and if so how would u comapare it to the garnier one?

  9. ginabinawina99 says:

    Hi adorable kitttttty!! ok now to watch the video! LOL

  10. aebeidler says:

    soo do you like the red?? I love it! really pretty!

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