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Obagi Nu-Derm Foaming Gel 6.7 Oz
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Nu-Derm Gentle Cleanser 6.7 oz, Rinses clean while soothing delicate skin. Ideal for dry and delicate skin. Specially formulated to calm skin as it cleanses.

Q&A: For Cosmetologist. Do you love your job? Also.. is it hard to determine what you make a week/mos. See Below>.?

Question by : For Cosmetologist. Do you love your job? Also.. is it hard to determine what you make a week/mos. See Below>.?
I live in the Mid West. I have read countless blogs on different careers. Cosmetology.. hair/skin care people seem to love to do. I read pages and pages of a blog that I wish I could find again.

Here is my situation. I wanted to take the full program. I had a dream about this again last night. I was told once that I should do this from a student stylist. I am much older in my 40′s but I live in the Mid West and things are not the same as they are in many other states. Women here of all ages work in this field and are accepted. I look a lot younger as well and had always had an interest in hair and skin. I am just afraid the income would fluctuate where I would not be able to depend on it for rent and all else. I have spoken to a few stylist whom tell me with tips they make 2-3 thousand a month. But.. how long will this take. Many here are paid about 8-9.00 an hour plus tips and a percentage of their product sales.

I watch these shows on TV like Tabitha lol and it makes it look scarey or Gatsby that makes it look sleezy. I was thinking of Aveda the full program. Its more conservative. However .. I am thinking that I would have to husstle to go out and find customers. I have no family or friends here to recruit in.

I am self supporting. However.. I also heard many salons do offer benefits. My other choice would be Pharmacy Tech Or CNA. Or both to support myself. Although both make about the same pay.. its not of interest or fun. I am not sure.. I would stick with it. They only make about 11-12.00 an hour.. But.. with tips.. I am sure I can surpass this correct as a stylist?

Also do customer yell and get upset and not return like they say?

Thanks For The Advise

Best answer:

Answer by Brooke
Stick with Pharmacy Tech or CNA. There are way too many cosmetologists which makes it extremely difficult to make any money and to even find a job. I took me 6 months after I graduated beauty school to find a job in a salon, and I was relentless about searching. I went out of my way with my resume and cover letter, went on countless interviews, only to find out that when they were interviewing me they were also interviewing about 25 other girls only for 1 position. Of all the girl I graduated with, I am the only one actually working in a salon. Most salons will not hire someone who has not already had a job in another salon, which makes it very difficult. I finally got lucky and found a busy salon that gets walkins galore.
Also, be prepared to be very pressured. You only have a certain amount of time to build a loyal clientele. If not, you’re fired!
Salons have these rules, for example:
If after 3 months you are not serving at least (number here) clients in a day you will be given a warning, after 6 months you will be terminated because the salon is losing money by keeping you there.
When I first started beauty school, I had a ton of people tell me they were going to come to me when I started working in a salon, well, it’s been a year and a half and I haven’t seen one of them in my salon. So don’t listen to the people who say they will come to you.
And oh yes, you do get some unruly, impossible to please customers, and many do not return.
Some people will go all over town from one salon to another and no stylist will be able to please them. Some others are just overly critical and may like someone else better. It’s tough field, definitely not easy. And it does not pay good. You have to rely on tips to make any money at all.

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Avril Lavigne Proactive Poster

Some cool proactive images:

Avril Lavigne Proactive Poster

Image by bubblerap150
Avril Lavigne Proactive Poster


Image by mbsurf

Olay Total Effects 2010 Ad

Olay Total Effects 2010 Ad

a brilliant ad for Olay that falls just a little short.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

neutrogena skin ID help?

Question by : neutrogena skin ID help?
i want to purchase some of the neutrogena skin id product but it kinda seems expensive. (well for my mom) to purchase it it costs about $ 29.55 . i have exactly $ 23.00 and can pay for some of the product but i want to ask my mom if she can help pay for the product . how do i ask? she doesn`t mind buying stuff online it`s just she doesn`t think i have acne which i knw i do. how do i convince her to pay for some of it? by the way does anyone have a promo code i can use or knw where i can get one? thx. :)

Best answer:

Answer by RileyisBO$ $
tell her you feel self consious ith your acne. she only has to pay about 6 dollars, so tell her that u will pay for most of it if she pays 6 bucks! she will be impressed that you are willing to use some of your money, and she may even offer to pay for the whole thing.

if she does not agree to pay at all, then ask a family memeber if they can get it for you for a present. also, if you got 100% on a test or you made the school team, then ask your parents to give you the left over money to pay for the acne product as a reward for your successful act.

still if one of the above work, make your own money. if your parets give you money to buy stuff, save 6 dollars so you can buy your product!

Hope this helped(:

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Q&A: What are your favorite Aveda hair products?

Question by : What are your favorite Aveda hair products?
Which shampoo and conditioner are your favorite along with other products from them? I have dry hair that i dye, and i use a flat iron pretty frequently. i do not blow dry every day. its pretty straight too! looking for ideas on what shampoos to get from them =)

Best answer:

Answer by Emily B
if you blow dry your hair, then flat iron it, Aveda smooth infusion works wonders. if you put heat on your hair, Brilliant Universal Styling cream is great&it smells delish. Dry Remedy leave in conditioner is great too, especially since you dye&use heat on your hair

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Conquer Male Pattern Baldness

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Olay Pro X

Marta Walsh from is talking about the latest skincare line from Olay: Olay Pro X Anti Aging Starter Protocol. Olay Pro X includes: age repair lotion with SPF 30, wrinkle smoothing cream, and eye restoration complex.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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All Natural Handmade Organic Soap — 2 Natural baby’s soaps Unscented — Only with Pure Olive Oil and Coconut Oil
rosacea skin problem

Image by pabadoo
For you mammy that want to use the very best soap for your angel’s tender and sensitive skin.
Using an organic cold process handmade soap for your baby’s bath will give you peace of mind knowing that you are using the gentlest and safest soap possible.
Organic baby soap isn’t just good for babies – it’s good for you, too! For people that suffer from skin problems like rosacea, acne or eczema, switching to organic baby soap may help relieve dry, inflamed skin.

I made my baby’s natural soaps as much as natural and simple as it gets. Pure greek extra virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil and that’s all! Water and sodium hydroxide which were used for the process of saponification, are vanished in the final stage and pure gentle soap is born.
There are no harsh cleansing agents, added perfumes or dyes, not even essential oils.

Because they are made with all natural ingredients, organic soaps are also non-toxic, so don’t worry if your baby accidentaly ingest a small amount of soap.

Ingredients: organic extra virgin greek olive oil, organic coconut oil, water, sodium hydroxide.
Aprox weight of each baby bar is 40 grams (1.4oz), vegetarians friendly.

Find my soaps at: